A Shared Fear

A Shared FearRegina and Emma both have hidden pasts. Some of it involves a fear of needles. When they are behind on inoculations and Dr Hopper, the shrink is making rounds, what will come out?

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The Doctor Enlists Some Help

The Doctor Enlists Some HelpThe Doctor goes to visit his wife with Clara in tow but she isn’t there. With signs of a struggle there is only one possibility, Madame Kovarian and the Silence have kidnapped her. The only clue to her rescue rests in one of the Doctor’s old companions but will they help a murdering psychopath?

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A Torchwood Welcome

A Torchwood Welcome Cover

River goes to see her university friend, Captain Jack Harkness who heads up Torchwood. What will happen when he believes the misconception that she is the woman who killed the Doctor? When the Doctor gets wind of his injured wife, how many times will Jack die?

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The Doctor at Stormcage

The Doctor at Stormcage Cover

An alternative ending to First Night at Stormcage. Instead of the Doctor finding out River has been tortured when she is on the tardis, he goes to Stormcage in the midst of a room T session. Will the Oncoming Storm kill his wife’s torturer or will River manage to restrain him?

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A Time Lady in the Containment Vortex

I have written a doctor who and Sarah Jane adventures crossover. River Song meets Sarah Jane but beforehand River and the Doctor have an argument which ends up with River (in tears) slapping the Doctor and running off to 13 Bannerman Road.

Sarah obviously surprised at seeing River gets the cryptic version of River’s life including who her husband is. There is also a very good cryptic version of I was born to kill the Doctor and Madame Kovarian kidnapped me.

Then they go to the attic and with River being non-human, Mr Smith activates a containment vortex (hence the title) trapping River and shutting of her telepathic powers which causes her pain what escalates. Under orders from Sarah Jane, Mrs Smith finds the file on River Song. It doesn’t tell of much but what it does say is very revealing. River protests her innocence of the murder of the Doctor and to conclude the third scene Sarah finds out about River’s humanity and the Doctor walks in.

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The Doctor Does the Deed 1-2 Doctor


I have uploaded the rest of 1-2 Doctor of The Doctor Does the Deed. It is now complete and the last chapter is available to read at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9268415/2/The-Doctor-Does-the-Deed

Read all about it at http://louisefindlaybooks.wordpress.com/fanfiction/doctor-who-fanfiction/the-doctor-does-the-deed

Publishing Poetry: Does it Help the Sales of Fiction

As an author of fiction and poetry alike I find myself qualified to answer this question. Does writing and publishing poetry help with the sales of fiction.

My answer, Yes of course.

If you have read my post Divide and Conquer – An Indie’s Strategy, you will know of my opinion on different ebook retailers and there is something similar here. Some people like reading fiction and some people like reading poetry so if you write both then you get more people reading your books.

Writing poetry can help express your creative side so it will actually help in the long run for writing fiction. I personally prefer writing freeverse poetry but you could try a limmerick or a haiku. Reading poetry could giving your inspiration to write a poem of your own on write some more of your latest story.

Poems are really short pieces of writing so you can write a lot in a short period of time. You can publish them individually or as a poetry book. People who read and like your poetry will most likely read your fiction and may recommend them to other people. You could upload an audio recording of your poem to your website and offer it as a freebie if you sign up to follow your website or sign up to a newsletter.

There are sites that publish collections of poetry like Randomly Associated Poetics into a e-zine and you could try one of those. There are also poetry competitions online and some are free to enter. If you have a blog you could use some of your poems and make them into a blog post. You could even invite other writers to contribute some of their poems to your website.

A great idea is to write a poem to accompany one of your stories. Like an audio recording you could offer it as a bonus or offer a paid version of your book in exchange for the poem and recording.

Good luck writing poetry