A Time Lady in the Containment Vortex

I have written a doctor who and Sarah Jane adventures crossover. River Song meets Sarah Jane but beforehand River and the Doctor have an argument which ends up with River (in tears) slapping the Doctor and running off to 13 Bannerman Road.

Sarah obviously surprised at seeing River gets the cryptic version of River’s life including who her husband is. There is also a very good cryptic version of I was born to kill the Doctor and Madame Kovarian kidnapped me.

Then they go to the attic and with River being non-human, Mr Smith activates a containment vortex (hence the title) trapping River and shutting of her telepathic powers which causes her pain what escalates. Under orders from Sarah Jane, Mrs Smith finds the file on River Song. It doesn’t tell of much but what it does say is very revealing. River protests her innocence of the murder of the Doctor and to conclude the third scene Sarah finds out about River’s humanity and the Doctor walks in.

Find out more at https://louisefindlaybooks.wordpress.com/fanfiction/doctor-who-fanfiction/a-time-lady-in-the-containment-vortex

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